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PULASKI COUNTY, Ark. (THV11) - Some school districts are returning, like normal, while others are working on what they can do next to ensure the safety of their students and faculty.

Many students and teachers across the state returned to the classroom on Monday. 

With traveling families back home and local COVID-19 cases high, all of that that has gotten some parents very worried.

Charles McNulty, the Pulaski County Special School District superintendent, said they understand the current situation and are working on what to do next.

"We, like everybody, are concerned regarding the holidays and what we may or may not see based on a surge," he said. 

It's a worry for school administrators, teachers, and parents. 

With the community spread of COVID-19 increasing and staff filing into buildings after the holiday break, what will the first week back look like?

According to McNulty, at PCSSD it'll look similar for now.

"We're really business as usual right now because again, we just don't have the data," he said. 

At Pulaski County Special School District, Monday was a professional development day and Tuesday classes will start.

The district is sticking to what they did last semester, according to McNulty, where students have the chance to learn virtually, on-site or blended, but other plans are in the works.

"This isn't just a, in our opinion, a two-week issue. We've got really probably a couple more months of navigating some serious health issues in our community," he said.

Other districts stuck with last semester's plans, as well.

Benton and Bryant are headed back into the normal routine with Benton continuing to offer a virtual option on Friday.

North Little Rock and Conway School Districts went virtual Monday but will remain the same the rest of the week.

Hot Springs School District doesn't start until Wednesday, but students will still have the flexible option to switch learning instructions. 

The Cabot School District went back Monday, like normal, with "Flex Fridays" continuing to be an option, but for the next two weeks, if parents let the school principal know, you can request make-up work and virtually learn until the second semester begins on Tuesday, Jan. 19.

"Families, you do have the choice to figure out what is the best educational delivery for you," Little Rock School District Superintendent, Michael Poore, said in a YouTube video on Sunday.

Poore announced students return to campus Tuesday through Thursday and, new this semester, everyone would be virtual on Friday. 

Administrators emphasized the pivoting of learning instruction will still take place to ensure everyone is as safe as possible.

"We can do this together. We always talk about the power of us, this will have to be one of those moments," Poore said.

Administrators across the schools also wanted to remind parents that same protocol will still take place this semester. If your child doesn't feel well or has any mild symptoms, please keep them home.