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MAUMELLE, Ark. -- Maumelle Middle School is recognizing their students of the month for February, March, and April. These students are normally honored at a ceremony recognizing their achievements, but the school was unable to host the usual event this year. Below is a list of the students.


8th Grade
Caroline Wright
“Great student with a wonderful attitude. So helpful!” -Coach Casey

Abrahm Brown
“Abrahm has overcome so many challenges and is working so hard to better himself and create success for his education. I am so proud of him and the young man he is becoming! Abrahm is a hard worker and a responsible person! I will miss him next year!” -Ms. Bingenheimer

7th Grade 
Kenzie Wall 
“Hardworking young lady who gets along so well with everyone. It is an honor to be one of her coaches!” -Coach Casey

Brian Tanner
“Great kid and a super hard worker!” -Coach Anderson

6th Grade
Ly’Niya Jemerson
“Ly'Niya is a wonderful young lady and student. She works very hard and tries on all of her assignments. Ly'Niya participates in class and asks for assistance when she needs it. She works very well with her peers and is a joy to have in my classroom.” -Ms. Bingenheimer

Haden Steward
“Haden is an excellent student. He always does the right thing and turns in all assignments. He is very respectful and polite to others.” -Ms. London


8th Grade
Blakely Rochelle
“Super great attitude- works hard in sports and improving daily.” -Coach Anderson
“Blakely worked very hard this year as cheer captain,  but she was beyond helpful with tryouts.  She made sure everything went smooth and kept me from getting stressed!” -Ms. Washam

Graci O’Dell
“Graci has been working so hard. She's making good choices and working hard. Graci is making good grades and has shown so much improvement.” -Ms. Bingenheimer

Tag Andrews
“Tag is always a stand up kiddo. He works hard to be the best student and is always polite. Tag doesn't feed into peers' negativity and is a leader. He has a great personality and is well liked by his peer group.” -Ms. Bingenheimer

Reece Rodtnick
“Reece consistently does great work. He always attends our Hangout meetings and submits his classroom assignments.” -Ms. Gray

7th Grade
Harlee Peach
“Harlee has attended all classroom Hangouts and has completed all of her classroom assignments!” -Ms. Gray

Cassidy Casey
“Awesome scholar, well mannered and always engaged.” -Ms. Vilches

Camryn Ford
“This student is not only a TRUE AVID student but holds a 100% in Math due to her staying up with learning opportunities, completing all assignments, studying and completing focus notes, and passing her quizzes at 100%.” -Ms. Vilches

Shauniya Guines
“Shauniya is the only student in her class who has consistently attended Hangout meetings and submitted assignments on time.”  -Ms. Gray

Abby Yager
“Abby is always so polite and works so hard to make good grades. Abby is a leader amongst her peer group. She is a great young lady!” -Ms. Bingenheimer

Emma Bunton
“Always attends class and completes assignments!” -Ms. Gray

Joshua Daniels
“Awesome scholar, well mannered and always engaged!” -Ms. Vilches

Xzavier Jackson
“He has done a complete 360 during this time of teaching and learning from home.  He is very attentive, completes assignments, assists other classmates with technology issues on a student level etc.  Very proud of his progress!” -Ms. Vilches

Austin Timmons
“Austin works so hard and wants to always to do his best. He pushes himself to be his best. Austin participates in class.” -Ms. Bingenheimer

6th Grade
Leah Petty
“She is a worker and on top of her schoolwork- very respectful to peers and teachers.” -Coach Anderson

Emilee Wilson
“Emilee is hard worker and always polite. She interacts well with her peers and is always pleasant to be around. Emilee is very kind.” -Ms. Bingenheimer

Jaylen Henry
“He has attended every class in Google Hangouts, and turns in all of his work. Great manners.” -Ms. Kayrouz

Kaleb James
“Kaleb has been regularly attending Google Meets, has completed nearly ALL assignments, and currently has a B average in my class.  I am impressed with how well he has adjusted to virtual learning.  Go, Kaleb!  :)” -Ms. Counts

Cody McBain
“Love his drive and always working hard to do better!” -Coach Anderson

Dennis Ruple
“Dennis is a hard worker and likes to be challenged. He is a great athlete and is always polite.” -Ms. Bingenheimer


8th Grade
Jorden Smuin-Breiner
“Jorden comes to every class and is always one of the first students  to turn in her assignments.  She also participates willingly.”  -Ms. Gray

Chase Tucker
“I have Chase for two different classes.  He is constantly submitting top notch assignments and he also comes to every Google Hangout!  He is the kind of student that teachers hope for.”  -Ms. Gray

7th Grade
Nicky Rosas
“Always on task, turns assignments in on time, comes to class, participates. Nicky is a great student!” -Ms. Gray

Cambria Tedrow
“JUST PERFECT!” -Ms. Vilches

Ashonae Jackson
“She was behind, but literally has worked her way up to an A and has demonstrated determination.  Very proud of her!” -Ms. Vilches

Jase Bryant
“I’m very proud of him! Jase went from no assignments and no participation in Hangouts to completing everything!!!!  He now has an A in Family and Consumer Science Investigations!” -Ms. Gray

Joshua Daniels
“JUST PERFECT!” -Ms. Vilches

Davion Clegg
“He has demonstrated great work ethics during this difficult time and has remained on task.” -Ms. Vilches

6th Grade
Emily Liu
“Emily has managed to maintain her  A throughout the AMI days and haze. She always attends my Google Meet classes, participates, submits her work  on time, and scores well on her tests. She has not missed a beat. Emily is always  cooperative, positive and a joy to teach. Emily scored Proficient on her summative ELPA21! Congratulations! She is eligible to exit the ESL program!” -Ms. Huey

Destinee LeSure
“She is always upbeat, participates in class and finishes all her work on time!” -Ms. Sturdivant

Aiden Peach
“He is at every Google Meet, answers questions, participates and completes all his assignments, he follows the directions.” -Ms. Sturdivant

Congratulations to these middle school students and we can’t wait to see you next year!