roll in info
Maumelle Middle School “Roll In” Information

Students can return items back to school Monday (May 18) - Wednesday (May 20).  Items that must be returned include: Chromebooks (fully charged) with bags and chargers, library books, calculators, textbooks and any other school issued property.This will also be the time that students will receive their personal belongings from their lockers. Please follow the instructions below for the "roll in" process of student items that must be returned:

  • Come to the school on the date and during the time designated per the “Roll In” schedule to turn in school issued items.
  • Upon arrival please report directly to the designated area for the exchange. It would be beneficial to include your child's name on a sign in the front of your vehicle. It help expedite the process and shorten your wait.
  • Be prepared to assist with a curbside check of your return items.
  • Please remain in your vehicle during your time on campus. The exchange point will be at the passenger side of your vehicle.
  • Social distancing and other public health safety protocols will be strictly adhered to during the “Roll In."
  • No one will be allowed to enter the building.  e ask that all occupants of your vehicle wear a face covering while on campus.

“Roll In” Schedule:



May 18, 2020


Drop off car lane, cafeteria entrance



May 19, 2020


Drop off car lane, main entrance



May 20, 2020


Parking lot, 

gym entrance